03 June 2010

glowing skin

everything I have ever tried from Mario Badescu has been WONDERFUL, everything is so natural and soothing, it makes my skin happy.

when I take these supplements, I notice my skin is better. it claims to moisturize from the inside out or something like that...it has flax seed and essential omegas.

water. I need to drink more of it. I used to drink it constantly but when I got pregnant I had to force myself to drink and unforuntately that has stuck with me. These SEI water bottles are a cool shape, Ive only seen it in New York though.

I don't like to wear much make up and I have always been anti foundation but recently discovered this and I love it. a little goes a long way and it lasts a long time. it really gives a nice even, dewey finish and it has 30 SPF in it.

SLEEP, the most important thing for skin for sure. its tempting to stay up late once Isla goes to bed but I am trying not to.

I have really noticed that when I am eating lots of salads and fruits and salmon my skin really does improve. so, eat healthy. for anyone reading this, dont be shy, what else should be on this list?

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