15 November 2009


Pretty things at Anthropologie

Isla is the most adorable creature on the planet

thank you mom for the pretty and super soft hoody I wear every other day...

pictures of the Alps, just because...

I can't wait to go to Utah next month and see the mountains covered in snow, eat in Park City, visit Tif, sit by the fireplace, and just soak up every wonderful minute of Christmas.

Also it will be Isla's first Christmas, so that will be special.

09 November 2009

the Farmers Market at the Ferry Building on Saturday, sunny and beautiful...

I am addicted to making this rustic "No Knead Bread" I never knew you could make this kind of bread at home, with such amazing crusty crust and moist crumb...and the variations are endless, this one has rye and sunflower seeds. Next up is Sourdough...
Find a recipe for it here

Coco before Chanel

05 November 2009

Pretty photos from swedish artist-blogger, Sandra Juto.
I am loving her little owls too, so cute!

04 November 2009


anthro for baby by LiaMolly

...I can't wait for the day I can dress my daughter in adorable Anthropologie clothing.
maybe I'll be lucky enough to get something at Christmas:

01 November 2009