25 February 2011

anthropologie art

today I browsed the newest Anthropologie catalog, its a good one! I love these still lives, I think I might paint them asap

23 February 2011


If you haven't checked out the store Asos, you should, its becoming my favorite...


These images made my morning, so cozy. I have been obsessed with all things "rustic."

18 February 2011

Friday Favorites

I want to find boots like these, any ideas?

1. A really beautiful kitchen (via Coco & Kelley) 2. Stella McCartney, for each day of the week! (via Wit & Delight) 3. pretty rings (via CatbirdNYC) 4. Boots (via the Daybook) 5. Anthropologie 6. ?? tell me 7. Anthropologie sweater 8. Alpine Milk soap from swiss alps 9. Alpine photo (Via Sebastiaan Bremer) 10. favorite comfort food 11. favorite celebrity couple 12. Paulina Porezcova- I want to learn how to do my eye makeup JUST like that!

16 February 2011

cinnamon roast almonds

I cannot get enough of these. (They also have a cocoa flavored one that is good too). They have little sodium, no sugar, tons of protein and fiber. My favorite nuts are usually walnuts, pecans, cashews......almonds never did it for me but they are really food for you, and now I will be getting A LOT of them in my diet, thats for sure! Trust me and just go buy some!

15 February 2011


I've been a big fan of the blog Folkloric for a while, she takes the most beautiful photographs of her surroundings. aren't these so gorgeous?? and that looks like french toast, the most delicious french toast ever...

10 February 2011

Feel Good

03 February 2011

how can you not like this?

I thought this outfit was cute (plus her bangs), so since I have plenty of short dresses/tunics and leggings, I got a denim jacket just like this today at H&M but guess what? steve made fun of me, saying I looked like I was from the 80s. I disagree completely but its going back, oh well...
{found at this blog}