15 July 2011


 These pictures take me right back to when I was in Italy, looking at them really hurts actually, I miss it so much. I ache to go back. I miss some people there so much too and I don't know when I will see them again, if ever.

photos by Brian Ferry found at here

1.one day I would love to have an outdoor dining area just like this! (Lonny)
2. beautiful ring (Anaise)
3. love the red with the tan leather, and those swedish hasbeens...
4. Im obsessing over flowers lately, more than usual! (Chelsea Fuss)

04 July 2011

 {Destined to Design} I have been making this salad and I LOVE it

 Ive always wanted to get these Santa Maria Novella body products, but they are too much $$. Such pretty bottles though! Maybe one day I will get some in Florence ; p