29 January 2010

quinoa the way it should look when cooked correctly, its so good and nutritious. I love this "green" smoothie that has kale, avocado, mango, almond milk and coconut water. I have been having it for breakfast. maybe that is why I have more energy?
cute new Anthro, love these 50s inspired looks...

28 January 2010

This Roxy ad makes me long for warm summer days. I am loving the sunshine today in San Francisco, after 2 weeks of rain. It makes me so happy!
I am also so happy to sleep better. Ive been struggling with insomnia for quite some time. Nothing was helping me, and I didn't want to get on sleeping pills. For some reason I decided to take a magnesium supplement for a couple nights in a row, I had found in my cupboard and noticed I was finally getting restful sleep. But I didn't really connect the two until Isla's nurse gave me sleep deprivation advice yesterday: she takes magnesium. Thank you, thank you, thank you, its such a blessing!

27 January 2010

Ok so I like running now...how did this happen? I had so much energy, it was amazing. I don't know if it was all the quinoa or WHAT but all of the sudden I was able to jog without stopping for, well forever.. I stopped at 30 minutes. I sure hope this continues.

24 January 2010

A big New Years Resolution I have is to be more Healthy. January was filled with a lot of birthday cake, cheeseburgers and cookies but I am now embarking on a new path to feeling GOOD. I have been eating mainly organic (thank you cheap Trader Joes!) and lots of fruits and veggies, as well as jogging, hikes and starting up Yoga.
my first breakfast as the new healthy me (rather than 3 bowls of honey bunches of oats):
Quinoa with blackberries, walnuts and agave nector

it was so good! in this picture I actually didn't cook it enough, haha, today I had it and it was way better!

below is a dinner I made tonight. lamb chops with quinoa (my 2nd time with this healthy grain but this time with tons of fresh basil and garlic). the lamb was so good, I used mint leaves, garlic and cumin.

papaya with lime juice for dessert.

I am loving dried Hibiscus Flowers from Trader Joes, they taste like dried cranberries. they are my new favorite treat.

15 January 2010

Laura Swytak

Finally....I am feeling so inspired to paint again now...thank you Laura Swytak.

12 January 2010

more beauties from Anna Maria Horner's blog, I love it all

this little camera was in a glass case at Anthro, I was dying, its so cute and tiny
aren't these fancy truffle boxes so pretty? you can get them at Neiman Marcus.
I heart moccasins
another quilt idea...

11 January 2010

randoms - retro/ski cabin/us

this picture is so funny. it makes me want to stay at a cozy cabin in the woods and eat cheese fondue by the fireplace?

I love them so much

my girl is getting so big I have to learn how to make the pretzel bread rolls I was obsessed with in switzerland...

06 January 2010

I am very excited to get a sewing machine, I am not sure if I should get a used one of a better professional brand or a new one from Target or something. I love these vintage fabrics above. so sweet.
I am also inlove with these by Anna Maria Horner, aren't they gorgeous?
I just discovered this fashion blog: the Streethearts
I love this room in the Anthro catalog, especially the art on the mantle! maybe I will try and do one like it....?