28 September 2009


I have turned into one of those moms who will wear $10 sweats and hanes tees so that baby girl can have a style'n wardrobe. uh oh! Isla is the queen bee. (she is even taking up most of our bed these days. Isla- no!)
I am in love with baby Gap's new HIMALAYA collection...

12 September 2009


found these at sfgirlbybay

lake arrowhead

must visit this place. location is perfect. we have been talking about where we would like to settle and I keep thinking of a dreamy place on a lake. this place looks great...could water ski, snow ski, you get the seasons and its just a short (relatively) drive from SoCal beaches. hm...

08 September 2009


I love this kitchen, the door, floor and fridge...


I found THE place to get work out clothes. Also, its Yoga Awareness month or something so you can get a free week pass at a Yoga Studio near you, I am doing this!
This place makes me want to wear their work out clothing ALL the time.

05 September 2009

Meyers Briggs

I found an old personality test we took in art school, my Professors husband was a Dr and this was a test he used on patients. I was a blend of a couple but this one I think sounds a lot like MOI. This was years ago so maybe I have changed, maybe I will find another test to take. im such a nerd I know. ISFP "Strengths" -warm, friendly and affirming by nature -usually optomistic -good listener -flexible and laid back, usually willing to defer to their mates -thier love of aesthetic beauty and appreciation for function makes them likely to have attractive, functional homes -take their commitments seriously, and seek lifelong relationships -likely to value and respect others personal space -likely to enjoy showing thier affection through acts and deeds -sensuous and earthy Weaknesses: -not good at long range financial or other planning -extreme dislike of conflict and criticism -focused on enjoying the present moment, they may appear lazy or slow moving at times -need to have thier own space, and dislike having it invaded -may be slow to show thier affection with words -may become overly cynical and practical