24 October 2010


I just had a lot of fun looking at Zara's website. I think I need to pay a visit there very very soon...
I love this sweater in both colors, the pleated skirt and red jeans!
I also love these cool blazers with elbow patches.

13 October 2010

cute stuff

we went to the beach during sunset tonight, it was so beautiful. we had to go when Isla kept trying to get in the water...she is obsessed.

a cute kitchen

a cute bathroom

a cute car (it reminds me of What about Bob and I want one)

two cute cakes, I would love to learn how to make these!

and two cute hair colors.....I am trying to decide what to do with my hair, its looking so blah!

I found the cute pics of bathroom/car at one of my favorite new blogs Olivet


I watched a french movie called "Heartbreaker" recently and I loved it! such a feel good movie, you should check it out. The woman in it is Vanessa Paradis, Johnny Depp's wife I think...

05 October 2010

mother daughter

These are some cute items I love right now at Crewcuts for Isla - but I would love to wear them myself!

01 October 2010


the beauty in nature just amazes me. I look around and feel so in awe of the creations that surround me! I will always love the ocean. there is nothing like the feeling of swimming in the ocean followed by a warm loving sun caressing your skin. It makes me feel sexy and earthy and in tune with mother nature. Ok I sound like a new age hippie or something, sorry.
ok that just reminded me of a poem I wrote in jr high that my dad help me write, it was a haiku and I remember it!:
the warmth of the sun
that is caressing my skin
also soothes within.
:::autumn photos found here:::


I have been making a yogurt mask and it really makes me skin glow. I mix yogurt with vitamin E oil and then I let it sit for a few minutes and then wipe off with hot towel. Try it!