04 June 2010


I have been eating salmon a lot lately! We get it at costco, individually wrapped fillets in a bag you keep in the freezer, its so convenient. I love this way I've been cooking it because it gets a nice crust on the outside but is just barely done in the center. 1. marinade the thawed salmon in soy sauce and season with pepper. 2. heat your grill pan really hot on medium-high with a little drizzle of a) veg oil and b)sesame oil 3. place the salmon on the grill and it should sizzle. Cook for a couple minutes and turn when its nicely browned. After a few minutes on the other side, check it by cutting it in half to see how done the center is. If its just a tiny bit raw in the very center, remove from heat and let it sit a minute. 4. Sprinkle sesame seeds on top or just lemon juice. ::I recently made my moms mango sauce to go with it, its sooo good. let me know if you want recipe::

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