29 March 2010

I can't decide which I love the most out of these adorable Nadinoo outfits

27 March 2010


sometimes I collect so many inspiring pics from the internet and I just need to get them on here, yet I don't have time to do it in a organized fashion...

I love the feel of this kitchen/room with all the windows and rich wood.

I am liking pops of unique wallpaper, like Anthropologie's new line, have you seen it? I like this one.


sushi on our anniversary. take out. one day when we have more babysitters close by, maybe we can go out to dinner again? Isla is too hyper. But she is adorable too.


11 March 2010

my heart hurts

words cannot express how much I love these. they are so beautiful I want to cry.

09 March 2010

blog title

I was just talking to my dad about Italy yesterday, reminiscing. He served his mission in Northern Italy and I spent one summer living in his favorite area of his mission, Genoa. I spent my days heading down to the train, choosing which beach town I wanted to spend the day at, swimming/laying out, getting my favorite gelato. These days were so dreamy and surreal. Being there for about 4 months, I am grateful I had the experience to feel like a local, doing everyday things like grocery shopping and laundry, getting to know the area and amazing people I still love and miss!
While on the beaches there, an Italian man will walk along the water with a bucket, calling out Coco Bello! over and over. I would hear him and wait and then buy my little pieces of cold coconut. "Beautiful Coconut". Its also a pet name.

05 March 2010

Built by Wendy

love love love

04 March 2010

some stuff I like

1. Anthropologie bikini 2. Gap necklace 3. Jcrew blouse and sandals 4. Anthro top

I sew!

some things I have learned from my first project:
1. I need to measure everything
2. wash, dry and press everything.
Im a sewer! I am slowly getting the hang of this machine, slowly but surely! I don't have all the supplies I need yet but a start...don't look too close at the cards I made (out of scraps) bc you will then see how bad I suck at just sewing a straight stitch. I am improving though. Right now I am piecing together a little patchwork quilt for Isla, I did a little mock up of a style pillow I like, with pintucks...its pretty easy! (out of an old ripped up bedsheet, I am thinking linen would be perfect like these below (martha stewart).