06 June 2011

A very sweaty hour work out followed by this meal made me feel so great. Last night I had about 6 cupcakes. I woke up feeling like I had a hangover! I am seriously cutting out junk/sugar/processed food.

This is a perfect way to make hard boiled eggs and easy to peel EVERY time:

1. Place eggs in pot and fill with cold water, covering the eggs, and a dash of sea salt
2. Bring to a boil.
3. Turn off the heat.
4. Set timer for 9-11 minutes
5. Peel under cold water.

03 June 2011

I found some cool frames for cheap and Im filling them with paintings I do. I havent felt inspired to paint anything in a while so I decided to fill our new place with art I love....for this one I copied a Matisse. Its good practice for me, I learn from it and I like the look of a painting much more than a print, (plus this is cheaper than buying a print and it only takes me a few hours) Im doing a bigger one today! I want my house to look like a Matisse Museum!!

Steve is all done with dental school! yay. His graduation is next week but we had an Awards dinner/banquet thing...it was really fancy. I needed a dress so I went shopping. This is one I liked at Zara that Steve did not. He thought the print was ugly. hm, whatever. I like the one I ended up with though.

We are getting ready to move in a week, I cant believe it! I had several things on my list of to-do's to check off before we moved but it really snuck up on me....I did go to Carmel, by myself the other day. I loved it so much, my heart was aching the whole time. I hope I can go back there often through out the years. I got lucky the first half with the sun shining on the beach, but a storm came rolling in soon after! Oh well, Im glad I went!

oh, I went and found the wooden pole (at the beach) I carved my name into 15 years ago, before moving from CA to UT....I check it every time I go. I deepened the carving this time.