30 November 2010

I made this chicken the other day, it really is delicious...just as good as this one by Barefoot Contessa which is awesome.

21 November 2010

the vamoose

The top picture above lead me to find the cute blog The Vamoose and discovered this beautiful jewelry. They are doing a giveaway and if I won, I would choose one of these single pom pom necklaces. So precious!

11 November 2010


last year I saw this adorable pom pom wreath and this year I might make it. Its from the adorable blog Pickles. I am in love with her knits.

steven alan

the sale at steven alan is tempting...

09 November 2010

swiss bliss

I have officially found, after trying so many recipes, the ~perfect~ frosting. This swiss buttercream recipe I found at the blog Smitten Kitchen is to die for.

07 November 2010

cannelle et vanille

I can't stop reading this blog and looking at the gorgeous photos.

02 November 2010

baby # 2

when we have our next baby I would love to do some cute announcements. With Isla, I was just not even in the frame of mind to organize all that, I was too tired. Hopefully next time it will go smoother. Anyway I am in love with this announcement shown above and I also love the idea of laying a baby on some gorgeous fabric as a back drop....

{2nd photo via here)

01 November 2010

laura swytak

every once in a while I go check out what this artist is up to and so far I am always so amazed, I love these so much.

a drop of golden sun

yesterday we finally saw some sun and it felt so wonderful. while Isla napped I went to lay on a blanket at Baker beach to soak up some vit D I have been missing out on. It was so beautiful with perfect weather. My favorite part was seeing the dolphin, that made my day!