31 January 2011


I love this image SO much. And I really
want an Iphone now!


28 January 2011


such pretty ruffles from this Etsy shop.
{found at SfGirlbybay}

26 January 2011

I can see...

myself cooking in this kitchen! ; )

19 January 2011

I returned a sweater at Jcrew that I got at Christmas time and they happen to be having a big sale at Crewcuts so I got all of these for Isla. aren't they precious? I wrapped them all individually so she can open each of them tomorrow on her 2nd birthday. Don't worry, I also got something fun for HER. :)


These Toms look so comfy...

via Pickles. I've seen some bloggers have "Life Goals" or whatever, and for me one is definitely to become an expert knitter! one day....

I got this floral cropped sweater for my birthday!
from Asos

I saw this chest of drawers at Anthropologie, me wanty

14 January 2011

a lovely room

This is my favorite image from the January issue of Lonny, find it here. I love the colors and different mix of patterns...

09 January 2011

zara kids

I sure love these!

07 January 2011

sea salt brownies

These are the best brownies you will ever make. I have made them 2 times in the last 3 days. They are so easy to make too. I love sea salt + chocolate but Steve has his without the salt and also agrees they are the BEST.
{found here}

05 January 2011

for next christmas!

I am amazed at all the adorable ornaments this artist made, I think she did one each day in the month of December or something like that but I want to make some during the year for next Christmas!

04 January 2011


I have many resolutions to start working on! One is to declutter my home. Yesterday I started putting all my "miscellaneous" stuff on our dining room table and wow, did I have a lot! I got through it all and feel much more organized today. I still have many drawers and cupboards and closets to deal with though... Other goals I have are to wear sunscreen everyday, get into ballet for exercise, paint a ton of paintings, sew clothing for Isla, and read more books.....but I have many more!

02 January 2011


my latest twist on my morning oats, so good!