15 September 2010

my mom was such a cutie!
I was browsing through homes available for rent right now in places we could possibly move to in June. I was shocked at how gorgeous (and cheap!) they were in Charlston, South Carolina....this one is sooo cute...I think it was around the same price as our tiny apartment here in SF! I have been having mixed emotions about moving. Half of me is sad because I know how hard it will be to leave this place I love and how much I will miss it...but the other part of me is excited for a new adventure. Steve has applied to a lot of residencies (for pediatric), I think this is a complete list:
  1. LA
  2. SF again
  3. Seattle
  4. Denver
  5. Salt Lake City
  6. Louisville, Kentucky
  7. Ann Arbor, Michigan
  8. Wisconsin
  9. 2 in Connecticut
  10. Rhode Island
  11. Charlston South Carolina
  12. 2 in Florida
  13. Honolulu.....

So, I guess we will just have to see where Steve gets invited to interview! (one so far, Hawaii!)

dave and lissa

I just saw this picture of my parents for the first time.
I love it!

12 September 2010


found today at the lovely blog, Dress Design Decor

09 September 2010

Lover the label

I am obsessed with that yellow coat...these are all so pretty. ::discovered here::

07 September 2010


01 September 2010