28 October 2009

1.have a sense of wonder
2.stay inspired
3.help others
4.do things you're good at
5.read books
6.limit TV
7.love your work
9.face your fears
10.believe in yourself
11.stay close to family & friends
12.let your heart be your guide

21 October 2009


I want one!

cool christmas cards

19 October 2009

I like

::I found these lovely photos at Sfgirlbybay::

07 October 2009

Betty Draper

Mad Men. I love this show, at first I just liked the eye candy, all the costumes but now I have actually gotten into it.
Betty is Don's wife and she is quite sassy. she makes me want to wear dresses with a cinched waist and have my hair perfectly set and curled, and wear cute nighties...
They really do a good job recreating the early 60s, its so fun to watch!

Noa Noa


I love the mix of fabrics in this last one...

06 October 2009

jcrew for mama and baby girl

I have been loving the color palette at Jcrew so much. too bad its way too expensive!
.......here are some pieces in Isla's size (when she is 2) so adorable!