31 May 2011

stawberry rhubarb pie

This pie was so yummy. I use this pie crust recipe - its perfect.

10 May 2011

girl crush

new lookbook at Ruche. She has Scarlette Johansson lips, so pretty


{aesthetic outburst}

one day my home is going to be bursting with colorful flowers!

I got this lotion when I was in Rhode Island, at Anthro. I love it. it smells strongly of almond but has this soapy dry down...(I think it could be a love/hate scent bc it is kind of strong). I forgot I had only carried on so I had to leave it at the airport...uhg. I was able to take a little out with me and its almost all gone. I have been searching for a new scent but Im starting to think Im just not a perfume person...

when my dad, brother and I were at Lake Como for a day, we took a paddle boat out on the lake, it looked just like this. we didnt have our swimsuits with us so we just stripped down to our undies and jumped in.

I also saw this card at anthro and it made me laugh.

{size too small}