27 June 2010

some utah pics

is my husband not the cutest thing you have ever seen? I love his messy hair and scruff! our trip to utah was so great, we loved how hot it was and Isla was obsessed with being outside ( I have so many adorable pics of her I need to post on her blog tomorrow). we miss utah summers. steve and I had the best day in park city and going to a movie, it had been a while since we had a good date! we were so loving it.

18 June 2010

so I really thought I was going to finish this quilt like forever ago. I had most of it done and then for some reason, I don't really have an excuse, it just sat in the corner. so the last day or so I wanted to finish it before our trip so I started working fast. I really enjoyed all of the different steps in making this quilt, from picking out the fabric to sewing the squares together, pinning and ironing away...until the "basting" part (is that what its called?) where you have to safety pin the whole flippin thing together-every 4 inches! it took foooorever. anyway so I guess i will have something to look forward to when we get home, Im like 45 minutes from being all done. I already have such a fun idea for another one!

04 June 2010


I have been eating salmon a lot lately! We get it at costco, individually wrapped fillets in a bag you keep in the freezer, its so convenient. I love this way I've been cooking it because it gets a nice crust on the outside but is just barely done in the center. 1. marinade the thawed salmon in soy sauce and season with pepper. 2. heat your grill pan really hot on medium-high with a little drizzle of a) veg oil and b)sesame oil 3. place the salmon on the grill and it should sizzle. Cook for a couple minutes and turn when its nicely browned. After a few minutes on the other side, check it by cutting it in half to see how done the center is. If its just a tiny bit raw in the very center, remove from heat and let it sit a minute. 4. Sprinkle sesame seeds on top or just lemon juice. ::I recently made my moms mango sauce to go with it, its sooo good. let me know if you want recipe::

03 June 2010

glowing skin

everything I have ever tried from Mario Badescu has been WONDERFUL, everything is so natural and soothing, it makes my skin happy.

when I take these supplements, I notice my skin is better. it claims to moisturize from the inside out or something like that...it has flax seed and essential omegas.

water. I need to drink more of it. I used to drink it constantly but when I got pregnant I had to force myself to drink and unforuntately that has stuck with me. These SEI water bottles are a cool shape, Ive only seen it in New York though.

I don't like to wear much make up and I have always been anti foundation but recently discovered this and I love it. a little goes a long way and it lasts a long time. it really gives a nice even, dewey finish and it has 30 SPF in it.

SLEEP, the most important thing for skin for sure. its tempting to stay up late once Isla goes to bed but I am trying not to.

I have really noticed that when I am eating lots of salads and fruits and salmon my skin really does improve. so, eat healthy. for anyone reading this, dont be shy, what else should be on this list?