15 April 2010

chez lulu

Have you seen Julie and Julia? I loved it. I loved the kitchens Julia Child (Meryl Streep) works in too. I saw these pictures on Design Sponge a while back, I love the French kitchen style!

Tonight I realized I am getting pretty decent at cooking. Usually my meals are only great if I follow a recipe I have researched, but tonight I just used what I had around the house and it was so so delicious and satisfying. I admit I did have some good things around the house though! : )

I had one chicken breast so I pounded it very thin to make 2 pieces, seasoned it and browned it in a very hot skillet with some butter and oil. I then added chicken broth and lots of lemon juice and lemon zest and pressed garlic, I let it simmer for a bit-it had GREAT flavor. I boiled some potatoes and whipped them nice and creamy and then topped it with the chicken and all the lemony broth. I sauted and browned some zucchini wedges and flavored them with dill and fresh basil and topped them with goat cheese. For dessert we had some very sweet and juicy clementines.

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Diana Hulme said...

you have awesome ingredients around the house! :)

yum...i'd say you're pretty AMAZING at cooking!