31 July 2010


I have been listening (and singing along..) to this album A LOT, haha, I am a dork but I have always had a thing for 70s soft rock type stuff (maybe I grew up hearing my mom sing to it on car rides?!) anyway I love it and many of the pretty meloncholy songs bring tears to my eyes...(!)
I am frustrated because I have lost the charger for our digital camera, so I have been missing out on lots of cute pictures of Isla...I am a very unorganized person, I am trying to get better at this, but maybe instead of ordering a new charger (since I know it will pop up soon..) I can finally get this plastic camera I have wanted for so long...its like $50 and takes cool pictures.
I always love the lounge wear at Anthropologie... sadly I never get any because I can't justify spending that much on clothes I just wear around the house...though these are cute enough to wear everywhere I think! I am a sucker for anything soft and comfy....
via patusibu
these photos make me feel good...I wish I could crawl inside them and be there.
I love this braided hair so much, can someone teach me how to do it please? : ) I don't think I am coordinated enough to do it on myself though.

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Ariel said...

Let's do your hair when I come out! I do this to myself all the time...although I don't look as dreamy as this gorgeous creature!

Love those photos...very inviting!