09 March 2010

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I was just talking to my dad about Italy yesterday, reminiscing. He served his mission in Northern Italy and I spent one summer living in his favorite area of his mission, Genoa. I spent my days heading down to the train, choosing which beach town I wanted to spend the day at, swimming/laying out, getting my favorite gelato. These days were so dreamy and surreal. Being there for about 4 months, I am grateful I had the experience to feel like a local, doing everyday things like grocery shopping and laundry, getting to know the area and amazing people I still love and miss!
While on the beaches there, an Italian man will walk along the water with a bucket, calling out Coco Bello! over and over. I would hear him and wait and then buy my little pieces of cold coconut. "Beautiful Coconut". Its also a pet name.

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Tiffany Elizabeth said...

I love this. I think it's one of my favorite posts. Made me miss you. xoxo