05 September 2009

Meyers Briggs

I found an old personality test we took in art school, my Professors husband was a Dr and this was a test he used on patients. I was a blend of a couple but this one I think sounds a lot like MOI. This was years ago so maybe I have changed, maybe I will find another test to take. im such a nerd I know. ISFP "Strengths" -warm, friendly and affirming by nature -usually optomistic -good listener -flexible and laid back, usually willing to defer to their mates -thier love of aesthetic beauty and appreciation for function makes them likely to have attractive, functional homes -take their commitments seriously, and seek lifelong relationships -likely to value and respect others personal space -likely to enjoy showing thier affection through acts and deeds -sensuous and earthy Weaknesses: -not good at long range financial or other planning -extreme dislike of conflict and criticism -focused on enjoying the present moment, they may appear lazy or slow moving at times -need to have thier own space, and dislike having it invaded -may be slow to show thier affection with words -may become overly cynical and practical

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